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26 November 2015

“PenzaNews” agency most cited Penza region media, says Yandex data

26.11.15 18:41 | Society

The news agency PenzaNews remains the most cited local media source in the Penza region, says the data provided by Yandex.

Penza celebrates Mother’s Day with official event

26.11.15 15:15 | Society

The Penza Lermontov regional library has held an official event dedicated to Mother’s Day. It took place on Thursday, November 26.

Ivan Belozertsev takes part in Russian Transportation Minister’s teleconference meeting

26.11.15 12:37 | Economy

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has taken part in the countrywide teleconference meeting of the Russian Transportation Minister Maxim Sokolov on commuter train system management, that took place on Thursday, November 26.

Ivan Belozertsev receives “four out of five” in governors’ political survivability rating

26.11.15 11:48 | Politics

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev received four points out of five in the 16th political survivability rating for heads of Russian regions. The rating was researched by Petersburg Politics foundation and Minchenko Consulting communications holding.

Penza citizen fired after trade secrets disclosure loses lawsuit for regaining job

26.11.15 10:48 | Society

The Penza regional court has dismissed the lawsuit of a Penza marketing consultant, who lost his job, to refund money lost due to forced unemployment and gain compensation for moral damages.

Illegal gambling parlors network closed down by Penza police

26.11.15 09:40 | Society

The officers of the Economic Security and Corruption Prevention Office under the Penza region Ministry of the Interior Department have closed down four illegal gambling parlors, in a joint operation with the regional Investigative Committee branch.

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