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18 February 2016

Penza governor urges to prevent industry production volumes slump

18.02.16 20:15 | Economy

The governor Ivan Belozertsev urged the members of the Penza Region Industry Workers Association to do everything possible to prevent the slump of industrial production volumes.

Alexander Chernyshev named distinguished regional industry worker

18.02.16 19:19 | Economy

Alexander Chernyshev, general director of “Penztyazhpromarmatura,” was named the Distinguished Worker of Industry of The Penza Region.

Penza “Stankomashstroy” signs up $5 million investment agreement

18.02.16 18:35 | Economy

The company “Stankomashstroy” and two Chinese enterprises have signed an investment agreement during the session of the Penza Region Industry Workers Union, which took place in the aforementioned company on Thursday, February 18.

Confectionary cluster enterprises sign new contracts after Prodexpo trade fair

18.02.16 15:30 | Economy

The Prodexpo international trade fair for food, beverages and food raw materials turned out to be fruitful for Penza enterprises, announced Ilya Issakov, chairman of the Penza Confectionary Workers Union cluster.

Russian countrywide judo kata competition begins in Penza

18.02.16 14:08 | Sport

The Russian countrywide judo kata competition with athletes from 7 regions has started at “Voeykov” Penza martial arts palace on Thursday, February 18.

Penza region to receive nearly 530 million rubles for animal farming

18.02.16 11:31 | Agriculture

The Penza region will receive a subsidy of 527,701,200 rubles in 2016 from the federal budget on cattle farming.

Penza citizens now able to see how much they know about AIDS

18.02.16 11:09 | Medicine

Penza citizens are now able to check how much they know about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, using a quiz available on the website of the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance center.

Man hangs himself in isolation cell in Penza region

18.02.16 09:55 | Incidents

The police are investigating the death of an arrested man in an isolation cell in the Gorodische area of the Penza region.

City head’s civil council necessity debated in Penza

18.02.16 09:28 | Society

The necessity of the civil council under the city head became the main topic of the debate during the meeting held in the Penza city Duma on Wednesday, February 17, which featured over 20 people – journalists, representatives of civil organizations, and civil activists.

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