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24 March 2016

Victor Kuvaytsev: “Penza City Advertising Service” must earn up to 100 mln rubles per year

24.03.16 16:20 | Economy

“Penza City Advertising Service,” a municipal state-funded enterprise, must earn up to 100 million rubles per year, said the city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev during the meeting of the United Russia party faction in the City Duma held on Thursday, March 24, before the ...

Teenager faces charges after hitting man with wrench in Zarya residential area

24.03.16 14:22 | Crime

A 17-year-old teenager has been charged of intended grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man in the Zarya residential area of Penza in the evening of March 11.

Two dead as Peugeot car flips over by Penza city

24.03.16 14:01 | Incidents

Two women in a Peugeot car died in a traffic accident on the Penza-Shemysheika highway on Thursday, March 24, the preliminary reports say.

Penza regional children’s hospital to hold Purple Day event

24.03.16 13:48 | Medicine

The Filatov Penza regional children’s hospital will hold an event dedicated to Purple Day for epilepsy campaign on Friday, March 25.

Penza to hold first “Nanofest”

24.03.16 12:25 | Education

Penza will hold the first science and education festival of nanotechnologies and technical creativity “Nanofest” on March 29-30.

Penza begins preparing testing range for International Army Games

24.03.16 11:43 | Society

The Volga Head Department of the Russian Federal Special Construction Agency (Spetsstroy) has begun the preparation of the testing range in the penza region for the “Masters of Weaponry” contest in the International Army Games.

Mikhail Torgashin names underachieving Penza region business incubators

24.03.16 10:32 | Economy

The business incubators in Nikolsk and Serdobsk are performing poorer than others in the Penza region in terms of used business space, announced the head of the regional Industry Ministry Mikhail Torgashin during the regional government session on Thursday, March 24.

Penza region begins consumer goods industry cluster formation

24.03.16 10:26 | Economy

The Penza region has begun to form a consumer goods industry cluster, announced the head of the regional Industry Ministry Mikhail Torgashin during the regional government session on Thursday, March 24.

Spring army draft decree signed in Penza region

24.03.16 10:18 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has signed a decree on the April-July 2016 army draft and the measures necessary for its provision.

Pavel Astakhov sends address to Penza prosecutor due to schoolgirl’s beating incident

24.03.16 09:51 | Society

Pavel Astakhov, Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of Russia, has sent an address to the prosecutor of the Penza region Natalya Kantserova due to the beating of a schoolgirl by a group of girls of her age.

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