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12 June 2016

Open-air cinema opens in Penza on City Day celebration

12.06.16 19:19 | Society

An open-air cinema opened on Lenina square in Penza in the evening of Sunday, June 12, as part of the celebration of Russia Day and the 353th anniversary of the city.

Graffiti artist paints famous Soviet comedy film protagonist Shurik in Penza center

12.06.16 18:48 | Society

The Penza graffiti artist Nikita Romanov painted the portrait of Shurik, the main protagonist of the famous Soviet comedy film “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style,” on the wall of the transformer station next to Fontannaya square in Penza.

Most generous “Dobraya Penza” participant paid 3,000 rubles for ticket

12.06.16 17:40 | Society

Alexei Rogonov, who paid 3,000 rubles for the ticket to “Dobraya Penza” festival of NCOs and informal city communities at the Belinsky public garden on Sunday, June 12, was pronounced the most generous visitor of the event.

Multitude cultures displayed traditions at “Penza Multinational” festival

12.06.16 15:14 | Culture

Representatives of a number of ethnic and cultural diasporas – such as Mordovian, Chuvash, Roma, Tatar, Jewish and Uzbek, Armenian and Cossack – took part in the “Penza Multinational” festival at the city youth center on Sunday, June 12.

Lev Yermin public garden opens in Penza center

12.06.16 15:05 | Society

The Lev Yermin public garden was opened on Pushkina street in Penza – across the “Penzgrazhdanproyekt” building – in an official ceremony on Sunday, June 12.

Monument commemorating Penza’s Red Banner of Labor Order opens in Penza

12.06.16 14:35 | Society

Penza unveiled the monument commemorating the city’s Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Its official opening ceremony took place on the Marshala Zhukova square on Sunday, June 12.

Dozens NCOs, city communities take part in “Dobraya Penza” festival

12.06.16 13:54 | Society

Several dozens of non-commercial organizations and informal city communities are taking part in the “Dobraya Penza” festival held at the Belinsky public garden on Sunday, June 12.

Penza people celebrate Russia Day, City Day with umbrellas in hands

12.06.16 13:20 | Society

The sudden rain in Penza in the morning of Sunday, June 12, did not break up the festive mood at the official event on Lenina square dedicated to the joint celebration of Russia Day and City Day.

Penza downpour causes changes in renewed Hall of Fame unveiling ceremony schedule

12.06.16 11:38 | Society

The sudden downpour in Penza in the morning of Sunday, June 12, caused changes in a number of official events scheduled to coincide with Russia Day and City Day festivities.

Penza fans believe Russia’s goal in Marseille scored thanks to native air they brought

12.06.16 11:15 | Sport

The Russian air brought in cans by Penza fans to Marseille helped the national team to score its tie-winning goal in the match versus England during the extra minutes by Vasily Berezutsky, believes Evgeny Titkov, organizer of the Penza-Marseille car rally.

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