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7 October 2016

Penza authorities refuse gay activists to hold rally and march

07.10.16 19:51 | Society

The Penza administration denied public events in support of sexual minorities, which were to be held on October 11 and 17, suggesting the organizers to choose territory, inaccessible to children and adolescents. This is stated in a message posted on the website of the City Hall on Thursday evening, October 6.

Kuznetsk resident cuts off father’s head with ax

07.10.16 17:12 | Crime

A 37-year-old resident of Kuznetsk, the Penza region is suspected of murdering his 64-year-old father by cutting off his head with an ax.

Former deputy head of Penza regional MIA Pavel Gavrilin heads Altai MIA

07.10.16 15:57 | Society

Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry in the Penza region police colonel Pavel Gavrilin was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Altai.

Serdobsk resident to spend 3.5 years in prison for three dead people in car accident

07.10.16 14:31 | Incidents

A sentence of 3.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony was appointed to the resident of Serdobsk, the Penza region, born 1981, for violation of traffic rules, resulting in the death of three passengers.

Champions and winners of Olympics-2016 awarded Order “For Service to the Penza region”

07.10.16 13:20 | Sport

Honoring of the champions and winners of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro took place in Penza on Friday, October 7.

Penza “Kvartal Louis” to open drama school for children with Down syndrome

07.10.16 13:20 | Society

Drama school for children with Down syndrome will be open in the Penza Art Hall “Kvartal Louis” on Sunday, October 9.

Victor Kuvaytsev: Prepare for winter city cleaning

07.10.16 12:54 | Society

Penza Mayor Victor Kuvaytsev instructed to begin preparations for cleaning the city in winter.

Action “Bring the good donating blood” held in Penza

07.10.16 12:06 | Society

Donor action “Bring the good donating blood” attended by the activists of youth organizations and student teams’ representatives, was held in Penza for the third time on Friday, October 7.

202 anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov’s birth to be celebrated in “Tarkhany,” Penza

07.10.16 10:31 | Society

Events dedicated to the 202 anniversary of the birth of poet Mikhail Lermontov, will be held in the State Museum-Reserve “Tarkhany,” located in Belinsk area, the Penza region on October 15.

Penza governor demands accelerating Savior Cathedral construction

07.10.16 09:12 | Religion

The governor of the Penza region, Ivan Belozertsev demanded to accelerate the construction of the Savior Cathedral.

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