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11 January 2017

Penza rugby club “Imperia” to be headed by Andrei Bachurin

11.01.17 17:48 | Sport

Andrei Bachurin will become a new director of the Penza rugby club “Imperia”. This was reported by the press attaché of the club Andrei Demin on Wednesday, January 11.

Ivan Belozertsev urges to preserve Rostok monument when reconstructing embankment in Penza

11.01.17 17:35 | Society

The governor Ivan Belozertsev thinks that the Rostok monument should be preserved during the reconstruction of the Sura embankment in Penza as one of the symbols of the city.

Man dies of Hong Kong influenza in Penza

11.01.17 15:29 | Society

The man, aged 38, died of H3N2 influenza, which is also known as Hong Kong influenza, in one of Penza hospitals.

Names of big sponsors to be immortalized at entrance to Spassky Cathedral

11.01.17 13:55 | Religion

The plate with the names of people and organizations that donated the largest amount of money for the Spassky Cathedral construction in Penza will be placed at the entrance to the shrine. This was reported by the Archbishop Seraphim of Penza and Nizhnelomovsk at the ...

Flights from Penza to Kazan and Nizhniy Novgorod planned to be retained

11.01.17 13:32 | Society

Flights from Penza to Kazan and Nizhniy Novgorod are planned to be retained, even though they were not included into the programme of domestic air transportation funding for 2017. This was reported by the deputy chairman of the Penza region government Valery Bespalov on Wednesday, January 11.

Peculiarities of products export to be explained to Penza confectioners

11.01.17 12:50 | Economy

20 experts from the companies of the cluster “Penza Confectioners Union” will become participants of the seminar on the issues of products export, which will take place in the youth business incubator on Thursday, January 26.

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