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24 May 2012

News agency “PenzaNews” awarded for best media coverage of UIS activity in Internet

24.05.12 17:09 | Society

Executive producer of news agency PenzaNews Natalia Zykova who won All-Russia competition on the best media coverage of work of Penal Enforcement System (UIS) “Na Strazhe Poryadka” in 2011 in the nomination “The best Article of UIS Activity in the ...

More than 500 policemen to secure safety on Day of Farewell Bell in Penza

24.05.12 16:31 | Society

More than 500 policemen will secure safety on Day of Farewell Bell at schools of the Penza region on Friday, May 25. The deputy chief of Office of the Interior Ministry of Russia for the Penza region colonel of police Nikolay Sarmin reported about it during a briefing on May 24.

Olimpiyskaya Alley of Penza closed for acaricide processing

24.05.12 14:21 | Society

Olimpiyskaya Alley in Penza was closed for acaricide processing on Thursday, May 24. According to the chief of Penza regional Office of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Alexander Dmitriev, processing aiming at mites’ eradication will take 3–5 days. He reminded that, 17 victims of mites attacks have been ...

Cigarettes and alcohol sale limited on Day of Farewell Bell in Penza

24.05.12 12:27 | Society

The city administration of Penza recommended heads of consumer market enterprises to limit sale of alcoholic beverages, including beer and drinks containing alcohol and tobacco products from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. on Friday, May 25.

One resident of Penza consulted doctor complaining of intoxication after chemical leakage

24.05.12 11:07 | Incidents

A resident of Penza consulted doctor complaining of intoxication as a result of odorant leakage which had happened at the scrap yard in Tcherkasov Street on Wednesday morning, May 23.

Penza prospective students invited to new pediatrics faculty of Ryazan Medical University

24.05.12 10:07 | Society

Prospective students of the Penza region are invited to new faculty of pediatrics of Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov opened in 2012.

Mozzarella cheese manufacturing to be organized in Penza region

24.05.12 08:42 | Economy

Production of four types of young Italian cheese, such as Mozzarella Classical, Mozzarella Ciliegine, Mozzarella Perlini and Mozzarella Orichettii is going to be organized at LLC Mega-Master located in Nizhnelomovsky area of the Penza region. The co-owner of the enterprise Herman Karnaukh reported about it during the inspection visit ...

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