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10 October 2014

Experts listed main social, political events in Penza region this September

10.10.14 17:08 | Politics

The analysts have listed the main social and political events in the Penza region during the September 2014 that influenced the region’s position in the All-Russian rating compiled by “Petersburg Politics” fund.

Penza region resident to spend 4 years in penal colony for car accident causing woman’s death

10.10.14 16:54 | Incidents

Penza regional court upheld the verdict of Kolyshleysky district court from August 12, 2014, according to which a resident of Bessonovsky area was found guilty of violating the traffic rules, causing the death of a person.

Penza authorities urged regional farmers to be more active at city fairs

10.10.14 12:41 | Economy

Penza administration offered the regional agricultural producers to use the opportunity of free participation in Penza fairs to expand the market of their products.

Penza resident Praskovya Denisova celebrated 105th birthday

10.10.14 11:10 | Society

A Penza resident Praskovya Denisova has celebrated her 105th birthday anniversary on Thursday, October 9.

Penza City Duma office cut by 12%

10.10.14 10:40 | Politics

Penza city Duma office has been reduced by more than 12 percent, said the head of Penza Victor Kuvaytsev during a live interview on Echo Penzy radio station.

Vladimir Putin to visit Penza

10.10.14 09:05 | Politics

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take part in the countrywide forum of the All-Russia People’s Front (APF) called “Quality education for the Country” that will be held in Penza on October 14-15. The forum participants will report to the head of the country on the fact that more than half of his ...

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