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15 October 2015

“Communists of Russia” include compensation for lacking heating supply in public demands

15.10.15 16:04 | Society

The political party “Communists of Russia,” that had called for laying off Yuri Ilyin “for failing the heating season,” decide to attract attention to their public person by demanding compensation for residents of the city for lack of heating ...

Narcology and psychiatry conference opens in Penza

15.10.15 14:44 | Society

The interregional science and practice conference “Problematic Issues of Narcology and Psychiatry” is taking place in Penza Heliopark Residence hotel on Thursday, October 15.

Nissan X-Trail grand prize in Rostelecom bonus program

15.10.15 13:31 | Society

The winner of the Rostelecom Volga Federal District bonus program “Impression Hunters,” that also includes the Penza region, will receive a Nissan X-Trail.

Yuri Sivolap: Every seventh person encounters depression at least once

15.10.15 13:23 | Society

Every seventh person encounters depression at least once in their life, said Yuri Sivolap, professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology department of the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

First regional chess tournament for elderly held in Penza

15.10.15 13:01 | Sport

The Penza regional branch of the Elderly Union of Russia held its first regional chess competition for the aged persons on Thursday, October 15.

Ivan Belozertsev placed in average-effectiveness group in governors’ rating

15.10.15 10:17 | Politics

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev received 51 points in the tenth effectiveness rating of Russian governors compiled by the Civil Community Development Foundation. The results of the rating were published on Thursday, October 15.

Penza “Avtolotsman” sues for nearly 1 billion rubles after agreements break-off

15.10.15 10:12 | Economy

Eduard Artemyev of “Avtolotsman” has addressed the Penza region Arbitration Court with a case against “General Motors SNG” and “General Motors Daewoo Auto and Technology SNG” with intent to get back 936,382,546 rubles of damages.

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