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25 March 2016

Penza cluster enterprises to visit Kazakhstan with business mission

25.03.16 14:43 | Economy

Representatives of business clusters in the Penza region will join the regional delegation for a visit to Kazakhstan on March 28-30 with a business mission.

Russian Transport Minister arrives to Penza airport

25.03.16 14:00 | Society

The flight carrying the Russian Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, who is en route to Saransk that is currently unreachable by air due to poor weather, has arrived to Penza, the Penza airport director Yuri Oskolkov told PenzaNews on Friday, March 25.

Georgy Kamnev takes part in CPRF regional committees’ first secretaries meeting

25.03.16 13:27 | Politics

Georgy Kamnev, leader of Penza Communists, member of the CPRF Central Committee, is taking part in the seminar meeting for first secretaries of regional committees for the Russian Communist Party, which is held in the Moscow region on Friday, March 25.

Penza public commute routes to Zarya resid area to increase as more people move there

25.03.16 12:41 | Society

The range of public transportation commute routes to the Zarya residential area of Penza will grow only as more people move there, announced the head of the city Communal Affairs department Andrei Grishin during the 20th City Duma meeting on Friday, March 25.

Penza culture and leisure center hall up for rent at 24,000 rubles

25.03.16 11:43 | Culture

The Penza culture and leisure center can be rented for 24,000 rubles per hour, announced Vera Feygina, head of the city Department of Culture, during the 20th City Duma session on Friday, March 25.

Penza mayor explains city road repairs process

25.03.16 11:36 | Society

The Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev has explained the details of the road repairs plan for the current year.

Victor Kuvaytsev outlines priorities for Penza city administration in 2016

25.03.16 11:13 | Politics

The Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev has outlined the priorities for the city administration for 2016 during the 20th session of the City Duma on Friday, March 25.

Penza mayor criticizes 2015 road repairs quality

25.03.16 10:39 | Society

The quality of road repairs in Penza in 2015 cannot be considered satisfactory, said the city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev during his report at the 20th session of the City Duma on Friday, March 25.

Ivan Belozertsev congratulates Penza culture workers with professional holiday

25.03.16 09:35 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has congratulated the workers of the cultural field with their professional holiday celebrated on Friday, March 25.

“Regional Production Plant” to receive support

25.03.16 09:31 | Economy

The investment council of the Penza region government agreed to support “Regional Production Plant,” an agricultural investment project for growing grain, oil-bearing crops and early potatoes in the Shemysheika area.

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