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13 April 2016

Ammonia nitrate bags end up in river after Penza region bridge destruction

13.04.16 19:12 | Incidents

The Penza rescue service has prevented an environment disaster in the Bashmakovo area of the Penza region after they removed 12 1-ton bags with ammonia nitrate from Ushinka river, the press service of the regional Department of Communal Affairs and Public Civil Security ...

Main session on Tuzov’s case scheduled for May 11

13.04.16 18:50 | Society

The main session on the lawsuit by “VolgaInterMedia” against the individual businessman Alexander Tuzov on recovery of compensation for 74 facts of illegal use of copyrighted work will take place on Wednesday, May 11, in the Penza region Arbitration Court.

Ivan Belozertsev placed 20th in blogging governors rating

13.04.16 17:03 | Politics

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev took the 20th place in the Medialogia March 2016 citation rating of Russian heads of regions with their own blogs.

Court dismisses Tuzov’s lawsuit against “Express,” rules to issue him certificate

13.04.16 15:03 | Society

The Arbitration Court of the Penza region has dismissed the copyright lawsuit by the individual businessman Alexander Tuzov against the advertising agency “Express” for a compensation of 1,023,000 rubles for illegal use of 31 photos of the Russian musical band ...

Over 200 foreigners to take part in Penza cricket tournament

13.04.16 13:40 | Sport

Over 200 foreign students who are studying in six Russian cities will be taking part in the 2nd Penza cricket tournament for universities that will take place on Saturday, April 16.

Around 300 people to participate in Penza Shotokan competition

13.04.16 13:11 | Sport

The Shotokan Cup and open competition of the Penza region Eastern Martial Arts Federation will be held at the sports palace “Voeykov” on Saturday, April 16.

Penza not included in APF road inspection’s top 100 cities rating

13.04.16 12:08 | Society

Penza was placed 111th in the rating compiled by the All-Russian People’s Front (APF) inspection “Evaluate Road Quality!” that evaluated 65,000 km of roads (more than 900 guarantee roads) in 120 cities of 82 Russian regions in July-December 2015.

Armen Adamyan: Penza “Zenit” to keep performance not below last year’s level

13.04.16 11:58 | Sport

The Penza football club “Zenit,” a member of the Russian football competition for the second division in the “Center” zone, will do everything it can not to fall below the previous year’s results in the spring tournament section, said the ...

Bank Kuznetsky income in Q1 2016 exceeds 185 million rubles

13.04.16 11:29 | Economy

The income of the Penza Bank Kuznetsky has reached over 185 million rubles in Q1 2016.

Penza Phoenixes to play first game in Russia’s American football championship on May 8

13.04.16 10:01 | Sport

The Penza Phoenixes will play its first game in the 2016 American football championship of Russia on Sunday, May 8.

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