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25 July 2016

Nikolsk area ex-head Mikhail Kuznetsov passes away

25.07.16 17:16 | Society

The former head of the Nikolsk area of the Penza region Mikhail Kuznetsov, 65, has passed away after a long fight with an illness on Monday, July 25.

Penza to hold Harvest Festival event

25.07.16 16:03 | Society

The Belinsky Penza central public library will be holding a Harvest Festival event on Friday, August 19.

Yuri Novikov: “Laguna-UOR” training roadmap for new season already developed

25.07.16 14:50 | Sport

The pre-season training roadmap for the Penza women’s mini-football club “Laguna-UOR” has already been developed, the team’s new head coach Yuri Novikov announced during the press conference on Monday, July 25.

Ivan Belozertsev congratulates police investigation officers with professional holiday

25.07.16 14:32 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev congratulated police investigation officers with their professional holiday celebrated on Monday, July 25.

Grigory Kabelsky outlines next sports season objectives for Penza “Laguna-UOR”

25.07.16 14:19 | Sport

The Penza women’s mini-football club “Laguna-UOR” must get into the top three of the upcoming Russian championship, the head of the regional Sports Ministry Grigory Kabelsky announced during the press conference held on Monday, July 25.

Victor Kuvaytsev orders to prepare potential Penza citizen fairs decoration designs

25.07.16 12:40 | Society

The Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev ordered Magomed Agamagomedov, head of the city Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, to prepare a list of possible designs for decorating local citizen fairs that comply with the modern urban planning requirements.

Penza firemen extinguish fire in Grazhdanskaya street private house

25.07.16 12:28 | Incidents

The firemen fully extinguished the fire in a private house on Grazhdanskaya street of Penza which sparked up on Monday, July 25, Anna Shupilova, head of information and public relations division of the main EMERCOM department in the Penza region, informed PenzaNews.

Penza war artifacts scavenging team to visit Belarus for expedition

25.07.16 11:10 | Society

A team of war artifact scavengers from Penza, led by Larisa Kazakova, will be visiting Belarus for an expedition to the battlefields of the Penza 61st Rifle Division on Tuesday, July 26.

Penza rugby players to visit Krasnoyarsk for Russian countrywide competition

25.07.16 09:40 | Sport

The Penza region rugby team will be participating in the Russian countrywide competition hosted in Krasnoyarsk on August 5-15.

Three cars, including ER vehicle, collide in Penza region

25.07.16 09:27 | Incidents

Three cars – a Lada Kalina, a Mercedes, and a Fiat Ducato ER vehicle – crashed into each other on the 675th km of the M5 “Ural” federal highway in the Gorodische area of the Penza region late at night into Monday, July 25.

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