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3 August 2017

About 60 people die in fire in Penza region since beginning of year

03.08.17 18:28 | Incidents

59 people including four children died in fire in the Penza region since the beginning of 2017. This was reported by the press service of the main regional EMERCOM department.

14 people drown in Penza region since beginning of summer period

03.08.17 17:48 | Incidents

14 people including two children drowned in the Penza region since the beginning of the summer period. This was reported by Marat Mursyaev, deputy head of the department of people's safety at water bodies under the main regional department of the EMERCOM of Russia.

Almost 400 posts cleaned from spontaneous advertising and painted

03.08.17 17:06 | Communal Services

Workers of the LLC "Urban electric transport" cleaned from advertisements over 390 trolleybus contact-line supports in the centre of Penza.

Management of Bekovsky sugar factory suspected of failure to pay 150 million rubles of taxes

03.08.17 16:54 | Crime

A criminal case was opened against the LLC "Bekovsky sugar factory", which operates in the Penza region, on the fact of tax evasion on an especially large scale. This was reported by Tatyana Makhnitskaya, senior assistant of the head of the regional investigative department ...

Eyewitness: In Leonidovka a man tried to commit suicide after a traffic accident

03.08.17 15:45 | Incidents

On Thursday afternoon, August 2, two VAZ cars received serious mechanical damage in a traffic accident that happened near a chemical weapons destruction plant in the village Leonidovka of the Penza region.

Resident of Samara region several months prepares to steal Land Rover car from Penza

03.08.17 14:46 | Crime

A resident of the Samara region who was arrested by the police on suspicion of stealing a Land Rover car manufactured in 2014 and worth 1,800,000 rubles from a parking area near a car wash in Penza confessed that it had taken him several months to prepare the theft.

Case on illegal felling of pines worth 800,000 rubles submitted to court

03.08.17 14:08 | Crime

A criminal case against an entrepreneur who is accused of illegal felling of pines worth 800,000 rubles in Uzinsko-Chindyasky forestry of the Shemysheysky area of the Penza region was submitted to court.

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