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29 May 2012

Penza Governor proposed exhibiting Russian folk costumes in museum of Ulyanov

29.05.12 17:15 | Society

The governor of the Penza Region Vasily Bochkarev proposed to place an exposition of Russian folk costumes in the building of Ulyanov museum. He stated this during an inspection visit to the reconstructed object on Tuesday, May 29.

Penza delegation presents investment potential of the region in Austria

29.05.12 16:01 | Economy

First Deputy of Prime Minister — Minister of Investment Development and Business of the region Vladimir Volkov takes part in the Intergovernmental Russian-Austrian Commission for trade and economic cooperation in Vienna.

Temple to be built in center of Kuznetsk

29.05.12 15:30 | Society

The construction of a temple-chapel on the territory of the former children’s park was approved by the members of the Town Planning Board of Kuznetsk, the Penza region at a meeting on Monday, May 28.

Penza governor met Bishop of Smolensk and Viazemsky Panteleimon

29.05.12 13:31 | Society

The governor of the Penza Region Vasily Bochkarev held a workshop with the Prolocutor of the Synodal Department of Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church, bishop of Smolensk and Viazemsky Panteleimon on Tuesday, May 29. The bishop arrived in Penza to participate in the county festival “Volga for Life ...

Ivan Belozertsev proposed extending lease of Penza beaches up to 10 years

29.05.12 13:25 | Society

The head of the city of Penza Ivan Belozertsev made a proposal to extend the lease to the local beaches for 10 years. He said this during the workshop of Governor Vasily Bochkarev, on Tuesday, May 29.

First championship in carp fishing held in Penza region

29.05.12 12:41 | Sport

The three-day open championship in carp fishing was held in the Penza region, in Serdobsky area, for the first time.

5.5 million rubles collected for temple construction in Zarechny

29.05.12 12:28 | Society

5.5 million rubles were collected for the Nativity of Christ Chirch construction in Zarechny in the Penza region.

Number of lifeguard posts to be increased at Penza beaches

29.05.12 12:05 | Society

The number of lifeguard posts will be increased at beaches of the Penza region. The chief of the Head Office of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Penza region Sergey Kozlov reported about it during the working meeting with governor Vasily Bochkarev on Tuesday, May 29.

Enteric infections rate increased 1.5 times in Penza region

29.05.12 11:48 | Society

Enteric infections sickness rate increased 1.5 times for 4 months of 2012 in comparison with the similar period of the previous year in the Penza region. The Minister of Health and Social development of the region Vladimir Stryuchkov reported about it during the working meeting of governor Vasily Bochkarev on Tuesday, May 29.

Wi-Fi access provided in building of Penza regional government

29.05.12 11:29 | Society

Wi-Fi Internet access is provided in four conference halls of the government of the Penza region.

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