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17 October 2014

Two underage beer sales facts registered in KFC fast food restaurants

17.10.14 18:47 | Incidents

The raids conducted by the activists of the regional “Young Guard of United Russia” department, revealed two facts of beer sales to customers under 18 in KFC fast food restaurants.

City Duma deputies reviewed Penza budget performance report

17.10.14 18:20 | Society

City Duma deputies reviewed the Penza budget performance report for the first half of 2014 during the meeting of the standing committee on budget, finance and tax policies that took place on Friday, October 17.

Bactrian breeder camel delivered to Penza zoo

17.10.14 16:35 | Society

A Kalmyk Bactrian male camel was brought to the Penza zoo from the Astrakhan region.

“Equipment for the Benefit” helps Penza homeless animals fund

17.10.14 16:35 | Society

Nina Nazarova, director of fund “Helping hand for homeless animals,” expressed gratitude to the organizers of charity program “Equipment for the Benefit” and reported that the office equipment substantially helped in the development of the non-profit organization by greatly facilitating the activities of ...

Town planning session held in Penza City Duma

17.10.14 16:24 | Society

Penza City Duma held a session of standing committee on town planning, land use and ownership on Friday, 17 October.

“Drunk Driver” campaign began in Penza

17.10.14 13:32 | Society

“Drunk Driver” campaign began in the Penza region on Friday, October 17.

Penza 35th in 2013 Russian cities ecology rating

17.10.14 13:14 | Society

Penza took the 35th place in the 2013 ecology rating of Russian cities compiled by the Ministry of Nature of Russian Federation.

Penza Strategic Development Club members discussed historical city center boundaries

17.10.14 08:42 | Society

The issue of defining the boundaries of the Penza historic center was one of the main topics for discussion during the second session of the Strategic Development Club that took place in the city hall on the evening of Thursday, October 16.

“Channel One” journalists took interest in Mikhaylovskaya religious cell activities

17.10.14 08:31 | Society

A “Channel One” film crew consisting of a journalist Kseniya Nazarova and a camera operator Pavel Letuvet conducted a journalistic investigation of the activities of the so-called Mikhaylovskaya religious cell, a pseudo-Orthodoxal religious group with its center ...

Sergei Zlatogorsky once again appointed Kuznetsk city administration head

17.10.14 08:18 | Politics

The deputies of the Kuznetsk representative assembly in the Penza region have unanimously supported the candidacy of Sergei Zlatogorsky as the head of the city, who was suggested for the review during the October 16 session.

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