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29 December 2014

Penza governor listed region’s main 2014 achievements

29.12.14 18:25 | Society

Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region, gave his opinion on the main achievements on the region in 2014 that deserve to be a point of pride for all its residents.

Vasily Bochkarev: food issue first in import replacement

29.12.14 17:18 | Economy

Food issue must be solved first in import replacement task, said the head of the region Vasily Bochkarev during the final 2014 press conference on Monday, December 29.

Ministry of Health explained pathoanatomical service centralization

29.12.14 14:59 | Society

A briefing session on work procedure of the pathoanatomical department after its centralization in 2015 was held in the situation response center of the Ministry of Health of the Penza region this Monday, December 29.

Penza citizen received 13 years in penal colony for raping, killing great-grandmother

29.12.14 14:40 | Incidents

A 27-year old resident of Penza city has been sentenced to 13 years in maximum security penal colony for raping and killing his 95-year old great-grandmother who tried to reproach him for drinking too much liquor.

Valenki hockey championship in Zarechny opened with friendly game

29.12.14 13:57 | Sport

A friendly game opened an Open Zarechny town valenki hockey championship in the Penza region.

26 Penza projects to receive over 2 million rubles in grants

29.12.14 13:19 | Society

26 projects developed in the Penza region will receive support grants with a total sum of 2,300,000 rubles. They were selected during an all-Russian competition by the Federal Youth Affairs Agency.

Penza 18th in “City of Russia” competition as votes near end

29.12.14 13:07 | Society

Penza is holding the 18th place in the competition “City of Russia. National choice.” The votes will be closed at 15.00 of Tuesday, December 30.

Penza mayor informed of Art.Lebedev studio copyright infringement case

29.12.14 13:02 | Society

The Penza mayor Yuri Krivov has been informed of the billboard signed by the authorities that features an element of the New Year festival “ The Best Winter City ” by Art.Lebedev studion without prior permission. The copyright infringement caused outrage of the ...

Penza region to get 478 million rubles to help people move from dilapidated housing

29.12.14 11:49 | Society

The governing board of the Urban Amenities Fund Reform Assistance Fund, a government-owned corporation, has approved the request of the Penza region to provide financial support to help move people from dilapidated housing for the year of 2015.

Penza “Rameev” technopark began working at full capacity

29.12.14 10:57 | Economy

The Penza “Rameev” technology park which has been under construction on Tsentralnaya street since 2011 is now operating at full capacity.

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