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30 December 2014

Gymnast Aliya Mustafina began training in Penza

30.12.14 14:14 | Sport

Aliya Mustafina, leader of the Russian female gymnastics team, began her training in the “Burtasy” sports palace in Penza.

Office rent ads grew numerous on Penza streets

30.12.14 13:09 | Society

Last weeks saw an increase in numbers of advertisements offering Penza companies to rent buildings and offices.  Windows of formerly occupied commercial areas now feature “Renting” advertising. The experts think this change was caused by internal optimization of many companies that try to adapt to new economic ...

Penza to cut government service employment expenses in 2015

30.12.14 12:49 | Politics

Penza city will undertake measure to reduce budget expenses for municipal employees, said the head of the city administration Yuri Krivov during a weekly briefing session on Tuesday, December 30.

Head of Russian Ministry of Transportation informed of Penza local train issues

30.12.14 12:41 | Society

The issue of region-wide train transportation in several parts of the state, including the Penza region, became the main topic of the video briefing held by the Minister of Transportation Maksim Sokolov with regional authorities on Tuesday, December 30.

Snowmobile and car collided in Shemysheika

30.12.14 12:06 | Incidents

A driver of “Buran” snowmobile was brought into hospital with a fractured clavicle after his vehicle collided with a VAZ-21099 on Rabochaya street in Shemysheika village of the Penza region.

4.5 thousand cubic meters of snow cleaned from Penza streets during single day

30.12.14 11:54 | Society

4.5 thousand cubic meters of snow has been cleaned from the Penza streets during the previous day, said the director of “Penzadormost” Andrei Shevchenko during a weekly briefing session in the city administration on Tuesday, December 30.

Penza Special Police Force detachment sent gifts to affiliated boarding school students

30.12.14 11:33 | Society

Officers of the Penza Special Police Force and representatives of the subordinate civic council were invited to the New Year performance organized by pupils of the Penza boarding school No. 1, and wished them a happy New Year.

New Year decoration from Sevastopol graced Penza governor’s New Year tree

30.12.14 11:28 | Society

A colorful New Year decoration from Sevastopol has been put on a New Year tree in the governor’s hall in Penza.

Prosecutor’s office demanded Penza trade center “Imperia” to improve parking for disabled

30.12.14 10:09 | Society

The prosecutor’s office of the Leninsky area of Penza city found the trade center in violation of disabled people social protection.

Penza school students get chance to take part in all-Russian competition “Economy watch”

30.12.14 09:49 | Society

Penza school children of classes 8-11 will be able to take part in the “Economy watch” all-Russian academic competition led by the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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