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12 January 2015

Court hearings on former “Yunost” BB coach Marina Pavlova continue

12.01.15 17:52 | Society

The Leninsky area court of Penza city continues the hearings on the case of Marina Pavlova, the former head coach of the women basketball club “Yunost” who is accused of large-scale fraud.

Regional grants for gifted students planned in Penza city

12.01.15 12:02 | Society

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev suggested introducing financial grants for gifted students.

Deputy: suggestion to cut transport cut for snowmobiles, quad bikes illogical

12.01.15 11:57 | Politics

The suggestion of the Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev to cut down transportation tax for owners of snowmobiles and quad bikes, made during a January 12 meeting session of the regional government, is illogical, Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the ...

Five died in Penza region fires during January 1-11

12.01.15 11:17 | Incidents

34 fires in the Penza region that occurred during the winter holidays on January 1-11 resulted in five lost lives.

Mikhail Kosoy suggested obligatory five-minute exercise breaks in Penza gov

12.01.15 11:04 | Society

Small breaks for physical exercises must be made obligatory in the state institutions of the Penza region, along with the regional government, said the head of the regional ministry Mikhail Kosoy during a meeting session held on Monday, January 12.

Penza student team “Phoenix” took off on winter social marathon through region villages

12.01.15 10:19 | Society

The student team of the Penza multidisciplinary college “Phoenix” began its winter social marathon through the villages of the region – Sursk, Kanaevka, Koldais, Staraya Yaksarka and Shemysheika – on Monday, January 12.

Penza governor suggested cutting down transport taxes for snowmobiles, quad bikes

12.01.15 10:13 | Society

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev suggested to cut down transport taxes for snowmobiles and quad bikes.

Penza region head prosecutor congratulated colleagues with professional holiday

12.01.15 10:04 | Society

Natalya Kantslerova, the head prosecutor of the Penza region, has congratulated her colleagues with a professional holiday celebrated on Monday, January 12.

Penza governor ordered to organize round table on job generation

12.01.15 09:53 | Economy

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev ordered the local government to organize a roundtable discussion between the officials and public representatives with the aim to help create new tax income, new jobs, industries, goods, and services.

Penza region to develop plans for business education in villages

12.01.15 09:49 | Economy

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev ordered Andrei Burlakov, the local Minister of Agriculture, to make it possible for any able family in the region to learn the basics of business-making.

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