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2 February 2015

Zarechny hosts “Ski Track of Russia” stage

02.02.15 16:55 | Sport

A mass race will be held as a part of the All-Russian race “Ski Track of Russia 2015” in Zarechny, the Penza region on Sunday, February 8.

Activists buried cardboard bus by Penza administration building

02.02.15 15:40 | Society

The Komsomol activists held an unauthorized protest action “Funeral of municipal bus” in front of Penza administration building on Monday, February 2.  The act of protest was caused by the bankruptcy of the municipal unitary enterprise “Penza passenger transportation” and following plans to replace state ...

Police finished investigating lethal traffic accident by “Lenta” trading center

02.02.15 14:42 | Incidents

The police have finished the investigation of a criminal case on a tragic traffic accident by the “Lenta” trading center in Penza that resulted in the death of a young woman, a passenger of an Audi involved in the collision.

Penza commemorated Stalingrad Battle heroes

02.02.15 13:45 | Society

Penza city has commemorated the victory over the Nazi army in the Battle of Stalingrad that took place in 1943. The official events were held on Monday, February 2.

Georgy Kamnev, Vladimir Simagin took part in Communist Party conference in Moscow

02.02.15 12:42 | Politics

First and second secretaries of the Penza region committee of the Communist Party – Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, and Vladimir Simagin, deputy of the State Duma – took part in a two-day conference for regional CPRF committee leaders ...

Penza school students video art contest announced

02.02.15 12:32 | Society

The Penza gubernatorial boarding lyceum for gifted children announced a video arts contest titled “Natural Science Through and Through” that aims to attract attention to importance of nurturing a scientific outlook on life, understanding the value of education, and inculcating the students with interest in research and ...

Hooligan fired at truck near Penza

02.02.15 12:15 | Society

Police officers detained a man suspected of taking shots at a truck several times while the latter was crossing the territory of the Penza region.

Elderly woman, 88, lost 15,000 rubles to phone scammer

02.02.15 12:05 | Incidents

An elderly Penza citizen, 88, lost 15,000 rubles to a phone scammer.

Woman in Penza region hoping to buy Audi TT scammed for 130,000 rubles

02.02.15 09:55 | Incidents

A resident of the Nizhny Lomov area of the Penza region, 22, became a victim of a scam trying to buy an Audi TT car for 130,000 rubles through an online offer.

Insurance payments grew by 11.4% on February 1

02.02.15 09:25 | Society

The insurance payments were increased by 11.4% on February 1. Over 393,500 citizens of the Penza region will be affected by the change.

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