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4 April 2016

Pavel Polosin receives award at “Truth and Justice” contest

04.04.16 23:02 | Society

The PenzaNews editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin has received an award of the All-Russian People’s Front countrywide contest “Truth and Justice” on the first day of the media forum that opened in St. Petersburg in the evening of Monday, April 4.

Penza to hold swimming competition dedicated to Cosmonautics Day

04.04.16 18:15 | Sport

The Penza water sports palace “Sura” will hold the open competition of the “Povolzhye” children’s swimming league dedicated to Cosmonautics Day on April 8-10.

Federal journal publishes article on Penza music school

04.04.16 17:03 | Society

The federal Musical Journal has published a three-page article about the Penza children’s musical school No. 2.

Penza citizen fined 40,500 rubles for 27 parking violations

04.04.16 14:56 | Society

A Penza citizen has been fined 40,500 rubles by the court for 27 parking violations.

Penza governor proposed children’s cellphone hand-in measures during summer camp stay

04.04.16 14:09 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has proposed to review an additional measure in children’s camps that would make it obligatory for them to hand in their mobile phones during the summer camp stay.

Elderly woman arrested in Penza for stealing cognac bottles

04.04.16 13:06 | Crime

A 59-year-old Penza woman has been arrested on charges of stealing three bottles of cognac for a total cost of 2,419 rubles.

Penza governor urges to prevent incidents similar to “Dvoryansky” complex building issue

04.04.16 13:05 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has urged the officials to prevent a situation similar to the one with the housing complex “Dvoryansky” on Krasnaya street, where a new object of housing in the main city of the region met enough blame to lead to a ...

Cougar cub joins Penza zoo

04.04.16 12:18 | Society

A five-month-old cougar cub has joined the Penza zoo.

15 gambling machines seized from illegal Penza parlor

04.04.16 11:57 | Crime

The Penza police seized 15 gambling machines from an illegal gambling parlor in the Arbekovo residential area.

Penza karatekas third at Kazan championships

04.04.16 11:35 | Sport

The Penza region karate team has won the third place in the team event of the Russian countrywide Ak Bars Cup held in Kazan.

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