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21 June 2016

Penza cluster representatives study Internet trade promotion technologies

21.06.16 16:48 | IT

Heads and workers of eight Penza region cluster enterprises joined the education course “Promotion of Company Website and Increasing Online Sales” that began at the innovation business incubator on Tuesday, June 21.

Elderly Penza woman pays fraudsters 140,000 rubles for “removing hex”

21.06.16 15:02 | Crime

Two women of Caucasian descent deceived an elderly woman living on Meditsinskaya street in Penza out of 140,000 rubles by convincing her that she needs to have a hex removed from her.

Penza’s Olympic Alley to host Nordic walking festival

21.06.16 13:56 | Sport

The Olympic Alley in Penza city will host an open Nordic walking festival on Thursday, June 23.

Former Penza Communal Affairs Dept official suspected of taking apartment as bribe

21.06.16 13:30 | Crime

A woman previously employed as the head of the Housing Fund Modernization office in the Penza region Communal Affairs and Civil Security Department is suspected of taking a flat as a bribe during the dilapidated housing resettlement program.

Penza to hold big concert dedicated to Year of Russian Cinema

21.06.16 12:56 | Culture

Penza will host a big concert will all artistic ensembles of “Penzaconcert” cultural institution dedicated to the Year of Russian Cinema on Friday, June 24.

“Penza-Press” to pay over 60,000 rubles legal fees to PenzaNews founding body

21.06.16 12:12 | Society

The Penza region Arbitration Court stated to fine “Penza-Press” 60,550 rubles of legal fees in favor of “VolgaInterMedia” over the case for illegal use of a single PenzaNews copyrighted photo in “Pro Gorod Penza” newspaper , in accordance ...

Penza “Leningrad” concert impresses Sergei Shnurov fans and regular concert-goers alike

21.06.16 11:57 | Culture

The Penza concert of “Leningrad” musical band held in the evening of Sunday, June 20, at the “Diesel-Arena” sports and entertainment complex, left an outstanding impression on the local public.

Penza to hold shooting sports competition dedicated to Memory and Grief Day

21.06.16 10:24 | Sport

Over 100 people reportedly will be taking part in the Penza regional shooting sports competition on Wednesday, June 22. It will be dedicated to Memory and Grief Day – the day when Nazi Germany began the sudden offensive against the Soviet Union.

Staraya Potlovka village to hold parish food fair on July 3

21.06.16 09:53 | Society

The supervisory board of the St. Martyr Anna’s Church that is currently undergoing restoration in Staraya Potlovka village in the Kolyshley Area of the Penza region stepped forward with an intiative to organize a parish food fair.

Around 770 people bit by ticks in Penza region

21.06.16 09:19 | Society

Nearly 770 people, including 207 children under 14, sought medical help after getting bit by ticks in the Penza region since the beginning of the tick activity season. The first tick-related reports were registered on April 11.

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