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26 July 2016

Luninsky area to host Russian Aeromodelling Cup on August 6

26.07.16 18:17 | Sport

The Russian Aeromodelling Cup will be held in Bolshoy Vyas village of the Lunino area in the Penza region on Saturday, August 6.

Man drowns in attempt to escape police in Penza region

26.07.16 17:30 | Incidents

A young man, 23, drowned in a pond next to Akhmatovka village in the Nikolsk area of the Penza region in attempt to escape the police.

Penza librarians discuss innovative methods to work with readers

26.07.16 16:45 | Society

Innovative methods of working with readers became the main subject of the city librarians seminar held at the Belinsky Penza city public library on Tuesday, July 26.

Penza to construct bicycle road, stage, pit stall on Sura river embankment

26.07.16 14:47 | Society

A bicycle road, a mobile stage and a pit stall will appear on the Sura river embankment in Penza as part of its reconstruction project, architect Lev Khotos announced on Tuesday, July 26.

Child, 11, diagnosed with AIDS in Penza region

26.07.16 13:51 | Society

An 11-year-old child in the Penza region has been diagnosed with AIDS in the first half of 2016, the press service of the regional Rospotrebnadzor department informed PenzaNews.

Penza “Diesel” hockey player summoned to Russian national team

26.07.16 13:22 | Sport

Gleb Murtazin, a junior player of the Penza hockey club “Diesel,” has been summoned to the Russian U17 team for juniors under 17.

Victor Kuvaytsev wishes to see more Penza footballers in “Zenit” roster

26.07.16 10:45 | Sport

The footballers from the Penza football school must be considered to join the main roster of the local club “Zenit” as their first and foremost option, suggested the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev during his meeting with the team on Tuesday, July 26.

Volunteers help extinguish fire in Verkhny Lomov village

26.07.16 10:18 | Incidents

Volunteers helped extinguish the burning roof of a Malinovskaya street house in Verkhny Lomov village in the Penza region, which sparked up late at night into Tuesday, July 26.

Russian swimming team to begin Olympics training in Brazil on July 27

26.07.16 10:04 | Sport

The final training session of the Russian swimming team – which features two representatives of the Penza region – before the Olympic Games will be starting in Brazil on Wednesday, July 27.

245 children left without parents to receive flats in Penza region

26.07.16 09:43 | Society

245 Penza region children left without parents will be receiving their own flats in 2016, the regional office of the children’s plenipotentiary informed PenzaNews.

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