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11 January 2016

Ramzan Kadyrov saves Penza horse from slaughterhouse

11.01.16 16:41 | Society

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has saved a horse in the Penza region that was scheduled to be taken to the meat processing plant.

Penza university student girl died in attempt to leave dorm from window to get alcohol

11.01.16 15:38 | Society

A girl student of the Penza college, 16, who died after falling out of the fourth floor window of the dormitory, was reportedly trying to get out to obtain alcohol, Lyudmila Fomina, Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the city Investigative ...

“Termodom,” “Penzastroy,” “Penzgorstroyzakazchik” leading in newly built housing

11.01.16 14:45 | Economy

The companies “Termodom,” “Penzastroy,” and “Penzgorstroyzakazchik” are the leaders in the Penza region in newly built housing over the year of 2015, announced Alexander Grishaev, regional Minister of Construction and Communal Affairs, ...

Three murders in Penza region since early 2016

11.01.16 14:09 | Incidents

A total of three cases of murders occurred in the Penza region during the New Year holidays.

Penza authorities to count apartment buildings transferable to individual heating

11.01.16 13:41 | Communal Services

The Penza region authorities will compile a list of small-story apartment buildings that can support the transfer to the individual heating system in the nearest future, in accordance with the order given by the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the regional government ...

Anti-alcoholism social project opens in Penza Church of Peter and Paul

11.01.16 10:39 | Society

The Penza Church of Supreme Apostles St. Peter and Paul founded a new social project to help people break free of alcohol and tobacco addiction.

Penza “Diesel” starts off 2016 home series with victory

11.01.16 10:13 | Sport

The Penza “Diesel” won a match against the Saratov “Kristall” during the first game of its 2016 home series in the regular championship of the Supreme Hockey League.

Ivan Belozertsev taken aback by food procurement prices for schools, kindergartens

11.01.16 10:08 | Society

The governor Ivan Belozertsev was taken aback by the results of the analysis for procurement prices on food items for regional educational institutions that show significant differences for similar items.

Penza drivers praise post-snowfall road-cleaning work

11.01.16 09:55 | Society

Penza drivers are satisfied with the snow-cleaning work done on the main highways in the city as the road crews, after a noticeable break, cleaned the backbone roads off ice and sleet, making them comfortable to navigate through.

Ivan Belozertsev instructs to build snow-cleaning management system in Penza

11.01.16 09:52 | Society

Penza needs a stable system to manage timely snow-cleaning activities in the city regardless of snowfall heaviness and personalities of responsible officials, suggested the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev during the regional government meeting session on Monday, ...

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